Tuesday, April 2, 2013

11 Months

We had a rough end of the 10 months. Taryn got her second cold, not too long after the first. She then became really, really fussy. I knew something was wrong. Saturday morning, I was getting her ready. Couldn't go to the instacare until 8 so I was going to go early because it had snowed. As I was walking into the garage, she threw up. I instantly knew it was an ear infection, but to be safe, we still took her to the doctor. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long. The doctor confirmed our theory. She had a double ear infection plus a cold.

Unfortunately, the medicine didn't kick in right away. She wasn't throwing up, but her appetite changed drastically, she wasn't sleeping well, and still really fussy. Then around the third day, she broke out in a rash. We thought for sure it was an allergic reaction. Nope. It is a cold rash. I guess now kids get rashes when we get a cold too. Makes it so hard! Finally, around the 5th/6th day, she became happy! I had my little girl back! It is so nice to have her eating and sleeping again. Now I know what to look for if (knocking on wood) it happens again.

While at the doctor, she was weighed at 16 lbs 6 oz. She is our light little girl. She eats so much though! I guess she will be our petite little girl, but I am okay with that. I still love her chubby checks tho.

Recently, she was learned to push with her toes while in the planking position and the moves. She now "crawls" to some of her toys. We are hoping that soon she will catch on to getting up on her knees so then she will really crawl, but this is what we have for now and we will take it.

Next month, we will get to celebrate her one year! It will be a busy weekend because my parents come into town the Wednesday before to celebrate for Tyler's graduation and then a birthday party!! We are, of course, excited to have them come and very proud of Tyler.

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