Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Did August Go???

I cannot believe that August is just about over! I feel like it just began! Tyler finished summer school last week on Friday and is still waiting for the grades to be posted, but I know he did great. He officially started work today, but started meetings on Tuesday. He is ready to be back to work and not being bored. We didn't get to do much this summer because of me being pregnant and sick all the time. We wanted to go somewhere, but my sickness made it very difficult. It was also hard to plan while Tyler was in school for the summer too. We couldn't have him missing any classes because they were difficult classes and we wanted him to pass. We will get to go somewhere soon...we hope.

I have been working in SLC all summer to try to earn some money to pay off our debt. We are getting closer to that. I am hoping to work until September 30th so we can get as much money as possible. I will be starting work at UVU next week, so I will be really busy again, but it is better than just sitting at home. :)

We are getting closer and closer to meeting this little one. We are getting excited, but nervous at the same time. Being a parent is a very scary thing. I am just glad that I have such a wonderful husband that will be by my side. I know we already make a wonderful team, but excited for the team to become stronger as we become 3.

I guess that is all for now. Just randomness...nothing specific :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

30 weeks

It is August already and I am 30 weeks pregnant! It is weird to think that I can have this baby 8-12 weeks from now. Where did the time go? It has been hard because I have been sick, so I am ready to meet this little one, but not yet. I don't want him to come too early. Thinking that time is running out, it makes me start to worry that we don't have everything yet. I am still not sure what we all need. People tell me that you never have enough onesies (sp), but that still doesn't help. I guess we will learn as he comes into this world.

Now that I am 30 weeks, this is what has been going on:

1. He is constantly moving
2. We can feel him when we poke at the stomach after he pokes us
3. I am hot all the time...summer time :(
4. It is harder to sleep at night
5. I feel like I am in the bathroom all the time
6. Some clothes are too tight (not all maternity clothes, just bigger sizes)
7. Feet are swollen
8. He loves his daddy's voice (he kicks more when Tyler talks to him)

It is getting harder, but more and more exciting. We are excited to meet this little one and have a family of 3. We are now down to the 2 week doctor visits. I guess we will keep you posted on how things are going, but for now, they are going well and we are both healthy :)