Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fire Station

Once a week, our ward has a get together for the mom's and children in the ward. You can come and go as you please. I have gone a couple times just to get out of the house (especially to let Cameron get energy out). If it is something where I don't think I can handle them both, I don't go, but I know he likes it.

This past week, we were able to go to the Lehi Fire Station. We had to go late because I had to feed Taryn, but we were still able to go. Cameron wasn't too sure, but he wanted to go inside a truck. He wasn't able to, but he got to at least get his own hat and sit on the fire truck to get a picture. We hope there are a lot more exciting places to go. Harder now winter is coming, but I am going to try harder to get him to activities to socialize because he needs it.

4 months

 I can't believe my little girl is 4 months! Why can't pregnancy go as fast as this? LOL They grow up so quickly. We have gotten permission to start the solids with her. She did really good on the first time, but then became a little hesitant. After a little while, she picked it right up again and now we are just slowly increasing the amount she eats.

At her 4 month, she is doing well. She weighs 12 lbs 13 oz (50%). She is 24 1/2 (50%) in length. She is growing big. She is laughing lots and smiling lots too. Cameron loves to copy mom and dad to make her laugh. She loves it though. I love seeing them get a long. I hope it lasts.

She still is struggling to roll over. She has done it a couple of times, but she stopped. She is like her brother and is content with just laying on her back. I am ok with that. I'm not ready for another mobile baby, yet. She has been struggling with standing up and the doctor is afraid it is because of her hips. He wants to do an x-ray to make sure everything is okay. I just don't want to pay the bill for that. We have been practicing everyday though and she is getting better. She is doing well at tummy time. Just need for her to last longer though.

Everything else is going well. Just having fun with a little girl and still learning how to juggle two kids still. I know I will get it, eventually. :)