Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days of Halloween

31 Days Of Halloween

1. Go look at fall leaves

2. Go for walk to collect leaves and color leaves between paper.

3. Make spider with paint using your hands

4. Coloring pages (Halloween of course)

5. Make bats with construction paper and hands

6. Make ghosts with white paint and feet

7. Make pumpkins with strips of paper

8. Make bats with egg cartons

9. Make cookies and decorate

10. Go to Gardener Village and do Witch Scavenger Hunt (in SLC)

11. Make mouth  from apples, caramel, and marshmallows

12. Go to pumpkin patch

13. Put up Halloween Decorations

14. Paint pumpkins

15. Marshmallow mummies (pumpkins, ghost)

16. 5 Little pumpkins (make pumpkins out of paper bags and throw a ball to knock them over)

17. Halloween breakfast

18. Try on Costume

19. Watch "Mickey's Treat"

20. Carve pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds

21. Orange pumpkin, orange pumpkin

22. Skeleton Game

23. Make a cat (cut triangle on bottom of page and make face with it)

24. Cotton Ball ghosts

25. Caramel Apples

26. Trunk or Treat

27. Follow the Web Game

28. Make a Monster

29. Make ghosts from suckers

30. Watch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

31. Go Trick or Treating

Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 years!

My little boy is 3! I can't believe it! It seems like not too long ago, I was hold him in my arms and welcoming him into this world. Now, he is a big boy. He speaks really well, he loves to sing, he loves his little sister, and has so much energy, I don't know what to do LOL.

We had a little tractor party for him. I had a lot of fun making the cake :) We had Shad and Brittany and their family over for dinner and cake and ice cream. Hard to make a good dinner for what he wants when he is so picky though. You can only make so much mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and hot dogs ;)

We had fun though. We got him a Hanny Manny tool set so now he can be like daddy. Papa and Dee Dee bought him some learning toys that include a clock, a shoe to learn to tie the laces, letters, and abiscus. Shad and Brittany got him a small football, silly putty, and a coloring page with the felt of Lightning McQueen. He sure loved opening all the gifts and enjoying time with family.

He sure has hit a fun stage. His favorite roll model is his dad right now. He follows daddy everyone and does everything daddy does. He even asks me if he can go to work like daddy. It is a cute stage. His new favorite shows are Curious George and Super Why! He is starting to learn to put words together because of this show. He is getting better at his letters, capital and lower case. It is fun seeing him learn. I know he would love to go to school and learn, but he is "too young". He had to be 3 by Sept 15, so I guess we will wait until next year, but it might be a good thing. He is still working on his patience ;)

He is a fun boy and we love him so much. Happy Birthday Cameron!

5 months

My little girl is 5 months! Wow! She sure is getting big. She has these beautiful chubby cheeks that everyone just loves. She is doing well on her solids. She now eats rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, peas and carrots. She loves the new food. I am going to start trying to make my own food for her though. It is getting expensive quick and when I am trying to save money, I have to do what I can.

She is getting lots better at tummy time. She is starting to last longer. It is fun to watch her just kick those legs while on her tummy. She is trying to sit up by herself, but still working on that. She still can't stand up, but the doctor wants me to go get an X-Ray of her hips to make sure those are ok. I just need to go and do it. He wants to make sure that they are okay because of her being breech. Just need to keep practicing with her.

She sure loves Cameron. He loves to make her smile and laugh. She always seems to look to try to find him. It is fun to see them interacting more. Makes it more fun :)

She is now sleeping 11.5 hours a night with 2 naps during the day. Makes more a happy momma :)

She still has her fussy times, but she is lots better. We love this little girl and can't wait to see what next month brings!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A little while back, we had the opportunity to go to Bookdocks with some friends while we were up in Layton going to my cousins baby shower. It was a last minute thing, so I didn't have my camera, but luckily the friends we went with did. They took pictures for us. It was Cameron's first time miniture golfing and he loved it! It is all he asks to do now. He even got to ride on the boats and shoot water at people. He loved it all and with it being hot that day, the water was perfect :)