Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 years!

I cannot believe it was 3 years ago yesterday that I was married for time and all eternity. It has been a wonderful 3 years too! It has felt like it has been longer than just 3 years, but I am okay with that.

Yesterday was a great day! Tyler was done with school and work and I took the night off work so we could have the whole day together. It started off by dropping Cameron off at our good friends house across the street. I have never left him with anyone, but my mom, so I was nervous. I didn't know how he would handle someone else besides me or Tyler. I as so relieved that he did so well! He didn't cry at all! Except going down for a nap because it wasn't his own bed, but such a relief! I am so thankful. It allowed Tyler and I to go out to eat for lunch at Tucanos and run a few errands before going home. It was so nice to have a date alone. It has been a long time.

I am looking forward to so many more years to spend with this wonderful husband of mine!

Monday, December 13, 2010


We are getting close!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas!

We all love this wonderful time of the year. I love getting cards to see what is happening with family and friends. It is a good way to keep up with everyone. Shutterfly offers a great variety of cards. You can do a photo card, just a plain Christmas card or even do Christmas gifts.

I really like their photo books. It allows you to import your pictures into a book and then they send the book to you in no time! It allows you to keep your photos so you don't have to "damage them" and they are kept nicely in the book.

I have not used their cards before, but I am excited to try it out. I have never sent a Christmas card myself, but now that we have a family of three, I think it is a good time to start. I would like people to know what great things are happening in our lives. That is the point of Christmas cards anyways..to brag about accomplishments in life :)

I am hoping that this will start many more Christmas cards in my family. I am excited to show off my family. I am a very cute family and I think people need to see them. I can't wait to get this cards done so everyone can see.

Merry Christmas everyone!