Thursday, March 31, 2011


We sure love being outside! He is always asking for grass. We sure have fun watching him learn to play in the grass and he loves the bubbles outside too.

This one is Tyler's favorite because he is wearing a cape :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

17 months!

Our little boy is definitely not a baby anymore. I can't believe how grown up he is getting. I don't know where time has gone. It is like I blinked and he is ready for nursery. I will probably blink again and it will be time to start school! Where does the time go?? It is amazing.

I will admit, I am excited for him to go into nursery to socialize and get to know other kids, but I am nervous too! Am I the only one?? I guess I am just scared how he will be around other kids. He is a shy boy and I don't know how he will react with 15 other kids! I guess we will see what happens.

He is learning to speak a lot. He copies everything we say, so we have learned to be careful what we say. He is at a fun age though. He is frustrating at times, but who isn't? We sure love this boy so much though. This is what he is up to:

  • Can now go down stairs
  • Has learned to turn around and climb down off the couch/bed
  • Calls anyone with grey hair and glasses grandma/grandpa
  • Learning how to clean up after himself
  • LOVES signing time
  • Wants to walk EVERYWHERE
  • Loves bubbles
  • Loves outside
He is turning into our little toddler and it really keeps us on our toes, but we sure do love it.