Monday, November 26, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

1. Go to Temple Square to see lights

2. Shapes on the Christmas Tree

3. Make cookies

4. Make candy

5. Decorate the tree

6. Make an ornament

7. Roll a penquin game

8. Write to Santa

9. Make a snowflake

10. Go shopping to daddy and siblings

11. Read Christmas book

12. Watch Christmas movie

13. Go look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood

14. Deliver neighbor gifts

15. Build a snowman (outside)

16. Decorate a tree

17. Christmas breakfast

18. Ward Christmas party

19. Christmas card to grandparents

20. Build a snowman

21. Go sledding

22. Wrap presents

23. Reindeer from lunch bags

24. The Pajama Elves come

25. Read Luke, open presents

Happy Halloween!

This year was a lot of fun. Cameron is getting older and starting to understand more. It started with reading something on pinterest. Someone did 31 Days of Halloween and I thought now that Cameron was older, I could do that. Boy was it a lot of work. It was just hard coming up with ideas of what to do. I finally put a list together of things I thought Cameron would enjoy. There were things he wasn't too sure about, but he got the hang of it and ended up liking the activities. Some things were things we would do any ways like trick or treating, but every day I had a craft or activity for him to do. I am ready for next year :)

This year, Cameron wanted to be Super Why! for Halloween, but I was not going to spend $30 on a costume to wear once. I decided that I could make it. I went out to look for a green outfit that he could wear and then I would make the cape and mask to go with it. I looked every where for a green shirt and pants. I could not find anything! I was so disappointed that he finally could pick a costume and he couldn't even wear what he wanted. We ended up finding a fireman outfit for 50% off. He ended up liking it because he is into his snow boots right now and that is what he got to wear with it.

Taryn was a cute lady bug. A girl from work (thanks Cassie!) let me borrow this cute outfit of a lady bug and it fit perfect! It even kept her warm. I was even able to dress up as a lady bug too so we could match :)

Friday, October 26th was our ward trunk or treat. So many kids!! Taryn and I sat in the van giving out the candy while daddy and Cameron went to collect the candy. I had 8 bags of candy and I still ran out! It was amazing to see so many kids! Cameron had a lot of fun though.

We went out on Halloween too. I wish they would do it all in one night, but it was fun to see Cameron go door to door this year. He had fun knocking on the door to say trick or treat, happy halloween, thank you! So cute! He wasn't sure really what to do afterwards, but he had a lot of fun and it will be even more fun next year. Time to start planning costumes :)

6 months!

My little girl isn't so little any more. She is already 6 months old! We were able to go do the doctor and she is doing great. There are things she still needs to work on, but that is typical. She is still learning to stand up (she loves the fetal position) and still doesn't roll over. She has a few times from her tummy to her back, but she is just content laying down on the floor. Just like Cameron was.

Her stats are: weight 14 lbs 7 oz (50%) and length 23 1/4" (50%). She has a bouncer we use and that has helped a bit with learning to hold herself up with her legs. We will get there. We are also learning how to sit up by our self too. We are slowly getting that too. One step at a time.