Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So sad, but yet so happy

I got a call the other night from my mom saying that my uncle had passed away. I was wondering when this day would happen. He has been sick since I can remember. According to my parents, it has been 25+ years. He has had kidney failure and has been on dialysis since. It is sad that he has left this earth, but I know that it is happy too because he isn't suffering anymore. I had the opportunity to live with my aunt and uncle for 3 years. I am glad I had this opportunity to get to know them even better. Uncle Brad, we love you so much and we will see you again :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Update...

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday. I was scared we were going to be late because our Utah weather kicked in and started to snow. Our house got about 4 inches and that was just during the day. I was lucky that my team allowed me to leave early. They are so awesome!!

Anyway, we got to the doctor's office. I had to use the bathroom so I ran down the hall while Tyler signed us in. We waited 3 mins and they called us back. This has never happened before. I'm not complaining though :). So the nurse is showing us to our room. She takes my weight and I have lost 3 lbs. Since my first visit, it has been 7 lbs total. It takes me to get pregnant to finally lose weight!?! I'm glad I haven't lost too much though because I know that is bad.

The nurse then asks me if I can pee in a cup (sorry so blunt). Of course they ask me after I have already gone to the bathroom. The nurse told me that they want to do this everytime I come in. That would have been nice to know. I guess they will have to wait to the next time. So, we went into our room where she took my blood pressure, which was good, and then I was asked to lay down. She brought a tiny machine in with her. I have never seen this one before. She then told me that we were going to hear the heart beat!

It was the coolest thing ever!! I did have to ask if it was a good rate. I don't know anything about rates, even my own. She said it was good and we will hear it every time from now on. I got tears in my eyes thinking that there is a little person in my stomach right now. It is such a wonderful experience. The doctor then came in, talked to us for 2 mins and then we were done. The fastest appointment I have ever had! It was great! Our next appointment in 4 weeks will give us our exact due date, we get a 3D ultrasound with a DVD, and we will know the gender of our little one! It is so exciting!!!

That is all that happened for now. We will keep you updated, especially after the next appointment. What do you think I am having? A boy or a girl? Just want to see what people think ;)