Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Fun

We had the chance to go swimming this weekend and I was so glad to go! I have been wanting to go all summer and we were finally able to go. It wasn't long enough, but when pools are crowded and your little boy is tired, it is time to go. Here are some pictures of Cameron trying to get used to the water. He wasn't sure at first, but then he loved it!

For the 4th of July, we were able to do fireworks with friends. It was fun to be together with friends and see Cameron's face when watching the fireworks. I wish I had my camera with me to take pictures, but I didn't. Tyler was setting off the fireworks too, so he couldn't use his camera and that thing is too complicated to me :) I hope you all had a great 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I guess it is time I do an update on the family and how we are doing.

Tyler is back to school for the summer. It is only a block semester, but it is something to keep him busy and get him that much closer to getting done with school. We are getting there. We are starting to see a little at the end of the tunnel.

I am still working at night, 29 hours a week. Just trying to get some things paid off. I still have my business as well which keeps me busy when I do have orders coming in. I am currently working on my weight as well, which after 4 years I am finally losing some. I am pretty proud that it is finally coming off.

Cameron is 21 months now. He sure is a big boy now. He seems like he grows so much over night. It is amazing. He is starting to put words together more and more, shows me his colors that he sees, and still copies everything we say. He is so much fun!

July 4th was a lot of fun. It was Cameron's first time seeing the fireworks. Last year, he was still too small and we didn't want to keep him up too late. This year he actually got to stop up and see them and he was hesitant at first, but he warmed up pretty quick. He sure loved those snap ones that he was able to throw on the ground. I think those were his favorites.

Not too much is going on. Just trying to get some things paid off and just enjoying the weather that is finally here. I did get a new swim suit (finally!) and I am dying to use it. Just hope the weather stays good and no more sickness so we can go.

21 Months!

Where does time go?? It goes by way too fast! It is still hard to believe that this little boy is about to turn 2 in the next few months. Many people believe he is turning 3 with how tall he is. I am glad he isn't though. I don't know if I could handle that right now :)

Cameron is sure learning lots and getting into trouble at the same time. He sure is a boy! We are still getting over him being sick which was not fun. Last week on Wednesday, he started out with a runny nose and small fever. He was not a happy boy so we knew he was getting sick. We were not prepared for what was coming though. Thursday night, I was at work and I get a message from Tyler telling me that I needed to call him. I was getting off work, so I called and he then told me that Cameron was breathing so loud that he could hear him all the way downstairs and he had a cough. He asked what we should do. I didn't know, so I said to call the doctor and ask what they suggest (even though I thought they couldn't do much). I was driving home as Tyler was talking to the nurse. I finally get a call from him saying that Cameron happened to cough into the phone at the right time. The nurse heard him and said it was croup. He needs to be seen to be given a steriod. Of course, the night doctor closes at 10 pm so we need to go the ER. Great! I get home and we take him to the ER. We wait (20 mins thank goodness) and they get us back there. Sure enough, it was croup and they gave him a steriod to help him with his breathing. We had to do a cool mist humidifier for at least 30 minutes before we could go home. OK. We are ready. Of course they don't come back for another 20 minutes to start it. We were there from 10:30 pm-1:00 am! We all came home and crashed.

We were hoping that Cameron would sleep in, but he was up at 7 am crying. He was not happy. We was crying all day due to lack of sleep and being sick. Not a good combination. We started getting medicine in him and that helped a little bit, but he just needed to sleep. He finally went down to a nap and it allowed us to sleep too. It wasn't long enough, but it helped. Now, he is finally back to his regular routine and is a happy boy again. He is still finishing up the croup (takes 5-10 days), but so much better!

Anyway, the good stuff :) He is learning so much stuff! He is starting to tell me his colors. He will see a color he recognize and will tell me. He is putting more words together. He will be talking sentences before we know it! He still loves the outdoors. He is copying more and more signs that we do. He has a new favorite food. He loves cereal, but not just any cereal. He loves daddy's Fiber One. It is odd that he does, but we give him a little bit. At least he eats it. Better than nothing. We are still working on the food part, but I hope he gets it soon.

Just get to keep watching him grow and learn is the best thing ever. We love him so much and I am looking forward to many more years with him and more children as well.