Monday, June 6, 2011

20 months!

Where does time go? Really...I swear this little boy was just a baby yesterday!
He has such a personality now though. He is loving to talk. He will copy everything you tell him to say (at least attempts to). He will even try to copy our signs too, but still working on him doing it himself. Let me tell you what he is up to:

  • Loves nursery now (they say he is one of their best ones now)

  • Loves to ride the lawn mower with daddy (says lawn mower all the time)

  • Loves walks

  • Gets in the runner and tells me he is "ready"

  • Loves the grass

  • Still working on food, but his latest is, he loves peanuts (who would have thought)

  • Likes to play with our phones (especially to look at pictures and videos)

  • Loves to talk to Dee Dee and Papa on the computer and Grand Dad on daddy's phone

  • Has learned to lock/unlock doors

  • Has to close all the doors

  • Likes to be in daddy's "boffice"

  • Likes to watch daddy play games on his phone

He has been learning lots and we are so proud of him. We did a little bit of a scare a few weeks back. He had his first ear infection. Luckily, it was only a little one, but he also had a fever of 102 and that is what scared us. Come to find out, it was a little infection on the throat (not strep), but it would go away. We got antbiotics for him and we went home. A couple days later, he broke out in a rash. He had a reaction to the Amoxicillian. Just like his mom. They do want to try it again later to see if he is really allergic, but we took him off of it right away and he is doing lots better now. So glad to get our happy boy back :)