Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 months

Guess I am a little behind on this. Our little girl is almost one! Not too much is happening though. She is SO much better at sitting up by herself. I just need to be better and let her fall. I know that sounds bad, but she doesn't know how to catch herself, so she needs to learn. We are trying to work on crawling too. She wants to crawl so bad, but not enough to crawl. She just cries until I go and get her. I have tried to just let her cry, but she has cried so bad that she throws up! I just hope soon she will get it so she will be happier.

She still LOVES her brother. She will turn to look for him when he is talking, running, etc. I am glad they get a long so well...right now. I guess we will see what happens as they get older.

She finally has her first tooth! It is nice to have some relief, just in time for another tooth to come in. The biggest thing right now is just hoping that she starts crawling soon. I know I will probably regret saying it, but I want my little girl to be happy again. I know crawling will help so much. Guess we just wait and see when it happens.

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Nikki & Drew said...

She is seriously so cute!!! I love her little face shape!