Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What we have been up to....

Now that we are in the house, it is time to work on the landscaping. The inside is done. We bought all the blinds and will slowly get curtains, but we aren't in a hurry for those. The biggest thing right now is the landscaping. It is a lot of hard work.

We are working on the backyard and the sprinkler system right now. Our backyard sloped so much that we decided to add a retaining wall. The guy who came out to do it did such a good job. He did it in one day! Probably because it isn't very big, but it is still great! I was hesitant at first, but now I'm glad we did it. It helps out the slope a lot. We still have a huge backyard for us to play in and that is what was important to us.

The other thing that will cost us quite a bit is the top soil and sod. That stuff is so expensive! It will be a lot of work too. We will probably get the help from our Elder's quorum so it will go faster, but it is just saving money now to be able to buy the stuff.

The house is a lot of work, but it is so worth it being in our own place. We love the peace and quiet. We have a great ward, even though it is really loud :) something we are not used to. We are getting to know our neighbors and so far they are great too. We are excited to live here for quite a while :)
The pile of rocks

The rock steps

The rock wall

The finished product

All the dirt is from them starting to work on the sprinkler system. When it is all done. I will post even more pictures.

Monday, June 7, 2010

8 Months!!

Our little boy is 8 months old! He is getting so big! We had a comment the other day that when he has little shoes on, he looks more like a toddler than a baby. He is probably because he is so tall! It is a good thing though, since we want him to take after Tyler with height, since he is a boy ;) Some of the things he has learned:
  • He can scream (not fun!)
  • Can scream and cry at the same time (even worse!)
  • Loves to babble (dada, mama, baba)
  • Can pick up food, but not quite put it in his mouth yet

He is just growing so fast, but I am loving it, even when it is frustrating ;) We are still working on tummy time. He still hates it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I have tried putting toys in front of him, putting a blanket under his chest, and getting down on the floor with him. I am just out of ideas. I guess he is just taking his time learning to push himself up and crawl. Oh well.

On another note, we have moved into our house! Last weekend was the move in. It was difficult. We have a lot more stuff than we thought. Now we are trying to unpack everything and figure out where to put it all. The joys of moving, but it is so worth it! We love being in our own home and being a family, just us 3, for now ;) We don't have internet right now ( I am at work writing this), but when we do get it back, I will try to post some pictures!!