Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Started....

School has officially started. It was only a three day week, but it was nice. We have a four day week this week due to Labor Day. It is nice having only part of the week. We hope to get back in the habit of everything soon. It is definitely nice to start interpreting again. We really missed it this summer. Lacey will be starting Sorenson Video Relay this week and is excited for that. Tyler is working and going to school part time. We will hardly see each other this semester :( Our schedules are so opposite. We were even hoping to car pool, but that won't work. We are glad that gas prices are finally going down, but we don't know how long they will stay down.

We did get a gym membership at the Orem Rec Center and we are way excited for that! That will be our stress reliever this semester, but we are excited to get into shape, be healthy and look great!!

We can't believe that we have been married for 8 months now!! It has been the best 8 months of our lives. We are excited for more to come. We can't believe that it will be a year in December!! We have a free night at a hotel so we will be doing that (a bed and breakfast). That will be a lot of fun!

Nothing else new is happening. We are still waiting to get pregnant. We want Lacey to be done with school first which should be this spring (finally!!!). We want to make sure we are fully ready and our debt is no longer (we are close!). I guess that is all for now. Until next time....

Friday, August 15, 2008

We are glad to be home...FINALLY!!

Our New Family Picture

Yes that is right! We are finally home. It feels great to be in our own place again. It was great to be with family, but we sure missed our home and all of our friends. We actually came home early due to Tyler's job had meetings and started a lot earlier than planned. It is good to be interpreting again. We never thought we would miss it so much. We didn't get much of a vacation in Texas, so our only real vacation is happening this Saturday up in Ogden. There is a place to bowl, flow ride, and fly in the air (Lacey is looking forward to this one). It is the only thing we can do right now due to school starting for Tyler so quickly. We are still trying to adjust to the time zone, but we are getting the hang of it. All we know is that it feels good to be back :)