Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Can't Believe It!!!

Yesterday, I was at work. I called Tyler when I was off and walking to my car. I opened the door, sat down, closed the door and heard a weird noise. I looked behind me and the back window had completely shattered!! I was hit by a golf ball from the golf course next to our building! I was so stunned! Of course, I start bawling because of the pregnancy hormones. I hung up the phone with Tyler to ask my boss what I needed to do. I got some information and decided to call the insurance. After talking to the agent, we decided to just pay for the window ourselves. We are now trying to get the city to reimburse us, but who knows if that will happen or how long it will take. Let's just say I was a mess when I got home.

Two hours later, I decided to check my email and in my junk box, I have an email that says "NIC results." My heart starts pounding. I start to bawl again because I felt that I did not pass. Tyler decides to read the email for me and let me know if I passed or not. I walk to the kitchen to try to breathe. He comes out of the computer room with this look on his face, and I knew I failed. I start crying harder (pregnancy hormones are not fun). He then proceeds to tell me that I passed! I can't belive it! I am nationally certified! This is such a big step for me. For those who aren't sure what this means: I can now move to any state and they will accept this certification. It also means a pay raise ;) We are so excited!

I am so glad that Heavenly Father gave me the strength to pass the test, especially when my brain isn't working so well right now with the baby. I know it was all Him that helped me and I am thankful for that.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Half Way!!

I can't believe that I am 20 weeks!! Going through these 20 weeks seems to have gone by slow, but looking back, it almost seems fast. I hope these next 20 weeks goes by fast too, but who knows. I have been told that it is uphill from here. I am not looking forward to the last 3 months of the pregnancy just to becoming big and who knows what else might happen. I am glad that I am feeling better than my first trimester, but I hope that I continue to feel better. I am trying to do everything I can to avoid being sick. It has not been fun.

I offically have to wear maternity clothes now. It is like my stomach just popped out :) I wish being pregnant was more attractive, but it has its benefits ;) I am finally being able to feel him move and it is the coolest thing ever! The only thing is he moves all the time! One funny thing that did happen the other day was Tyler came to lay down with me on the couch and he put his head on my stomach (next to it). Within one minute, he started to move. The baby sure knows his father :) I just thought it was funny, but cute at the same time.

We did find a great deal on a crib, changing table, and dresser at Walmart about a week ago. It is all matching and very cute! We did have to put it all together, but Tyler loves to do that stuff. He had it all together that night we bought it. We have it all in the baby room and it is making me more excited to have this baby. We are both excited to meet our little one. We just have to wait another 20 weeks :)

Crib and Changer