Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our house looks like a house!!

That is right. Our house looks even more like a house. We have been working hard for the past couple of weeks. Raking rocks, adding a back patio and side patio, smoothing out the yard, spreading compost, and smoothing again. It has been a long 3 months. It has been hard to do too since Tyler has been at work and school, so I have been working on it by myself. I wanted the yard done so I went out everyday during Cameron's nap and worked. I have the blisters and sunburn to prove it...but I am so glad it is done. We still need to add trees and some bushes, but my dad has offered to help out when he comes in October. Here are some pictures to show the work :)
Here is the back patio

Our side patio/RV pad

Compost is spread

A cement slab where we will put our fire pit on


Monday, September 6, 2010

11 months!!

I can't believe he is almost 1!!! Time sure does fly, especially when you are so busy. This little boy is the love of my life (at least the second love of my life). He is getting so big and looking more like a toddler everyday. I miss the baby :( I guess that is part of growing up.

Now that he is 11 months, he can finally crawl. He is into everything. I am glad he hit the milestone though. He has learned how to wave. Still loves his bouncer. Loves bath time. Has 5 teeth (3 on bottom and 2 on top). Wears 18 month clothing. Loves his dad...he gets a huge grin every time he sees dad come get him up in the morning (Tyler is gone all day and night so that is the only time he gets to see him).

I have started practicing for his birthday cake. Hopefully I can get it down in a month ;) We sure love this little boy and we are excited to see what this next month will bring!