Monday, August 8, 2011

22 months!

Time sure does fly. I can't believe another month has gone by and we are only two months away from having a two year old! It is still amazing to me that I have an adorable little boy who keeps me on my toes everyday. He is the second best thing that has happened to me. He is learning so much and I can't believe it! He is not my baby anymore :(

Cameron is so big! We have been able to go swimming a couple of times so far and he loves the pool now. He kept asking for "imming" (swimming). He didn't want to leave, but it was closing so we had to. I am sure glad he is liking it more and more.

He is copying everything we say and sign even more. He is getting so smart. We are starting to do more with numbers and the alphabet. He is really good at 1-5, but still working on 6-10. He skips straight to 8 :) He has learned that we say the ABC's while we wash our hands, so he will say " A, C, hands"...He knows what to do LOL. He is trying really hard to learn signs too. He will copy what we tell him to copy, but his hands are still learning how to make the shapes. He will get it one of these days.

We are still working on food with him, but every so often he will surprise us and try something. I just hope he gets out of this stage soon. It is hard to feed him and carry food around with us all the time just to make sure he eats. Maybe I should just stop so he will learn to eat what we eat. I don't know. So hard when you want to make sure they eat something.

We are enjoying summer together. Tyler doesn't work during the summer, so it has given us more time as a family. It has been great! He does have summer school, but it has only been for 8 weeks and only a few days a week. We have been able to go swimming, play with friends, and even go on a couple of dates while Cameron goes to a friends house to play. It has been a lot of fun. Wish we could have gone somewhere, but hard when I am working and we have no money to pay for the vacation. Oh well. One of these days we will get to some where. It just might have to be after Tyler graduates, but we are almost there 1 1/2-2 more years!!!