Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Our little boy is 2!!! Where did time go? I swear we just celebrated his one year!

He is learning so much! It is like becoming 2 means your brain opens up even more and you learn SO much! He loves to talk. It is always fun when he comes up to you and just talks, but you have no idea what he is saying but he sure does LOL. He tries so hard though. I can understand a lot of it, but not some of the new stuff. He copies everything he hears so we can only watch kids shows with him awake. He is learning lots of new signs too. Now is only he would use them with Grandma. It seems like he gets shy with her. He at least signs GRANDMA to her, so that is a start.

We were able to go to his 2 year check up. He is 36.5" tall (90%) and 26.5 lbs (35%). He is still one tall skinny boy. He had to catch up on some shots at this appointment and it wasn't fun. He screamed so loud. It was so sad :(

We were able to celebrate his birthday on Oct 9. We were able to have Shad and Brittany and their family over for dinner and then Shanna and Gregg Scott and their family came over for cake and ice cream. It is nice to have at least some family/friends to come over and celebrate. Wish more family lived closer. Anyways, here are some pictures from his birthday.

Cameron with his favorite gift from DeeDee and Papa

Opening his gifts on the computer with DeeDee and Papa.

His birthday cake (don't laugh)

Just blew out his candles