Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have watched my mom can since I can remember. I have always been curious about it and how it works, but I have never asked. I finally did. Being pregnant, you crave things. I was craving my mom's home made peach jam. I can't just run over to her house and get it, so I decided maybe I should try. I called my mom and asked what I needed to do. She explained it to me, so I went for it. I finally have canned! I made my first peach jam! I just hope now that it tastes good :) My next project will be to actually can fruit and other things like chicken. My mom will be coming out here in October to help with the baby and she has offered to help teach me! I am so excited! It will give me the opportunity to learn from a great cook and also not sleep all the time :) I am also hoping to get a sewing machine soon and make curtains for the baby's room. I thought that would be cheaper than buying curtains. I guess I have a lot on my plate when my mom comes, but it will all be worth it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tyler Voris and the Snake of Doom!

Here is another blog by Tyler. Very few and far between might I say, but this is blog worthy stuff I guess. Last night on Fox 13 news, there was a report saying because of the heat the snakes are out. They gave a demonstration with rattlesnakes and gopher snakes and what to do. Little did I know that this would apply to me sooner than later. However, I am the biggest wuss when it comes to snakes! I am very frightened by snakes (aka Indiana Jones Syndrome) and there just happened to be a rattler in the back yard of the house we're staying at. The owner came downstairs to get me to help (which was zero help from me really) and we had it spotted soon enough thanks to their dog and the trapping skills of the owners brother. In no time there was a dead rattler in the bucket, measuring about three feet in length. To be honest, it doesn't matter how long it is; a snake is a snake no matter what size! Thank goodness it's dead and not in the garden anymore. However, I don't feel that this will be the last of the snakes. This is the third encounter with snakes already! The previous two were only gopher snakes; but like I said, a snake is a snake no matter what size!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 weeks!!

I am finally in my 3rd trimester! When I look back, time sure has flown fast, but during those 6 months, it felt like time was moving slow. I am feeling the baby move a lot more and he loves to kick the bladder. I still feel him down lower, but I am sure I will start to feel him soon in the stomach as he gets bigger. Anyways, I have had some people ask for pictures of the belly, so here I am at 24 weeks.